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Kyrgyzstan and UN Charter-based Bodies

Kyrgyzstan and UN Treaty Bodies

Special Procedures

Country visits by Special Procedures

Most recent Special Procedures' reports

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography - Mission to Kyrgyzstan (A/HRC/25/48/Add.1)

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the adverse effects of the movement and dumping of toxic and dangerous products and wastes on the enjoyment of human rights - Mission to Kyrgyzstan (A/HRC/15/22/Add.2)

Report of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences - Mission to Kyrgyzstan (A/HRC/14/22/Add.2)

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, Leandro Despouy - Mission to Kyrgyzstan (E/CN.4/2006/52/Add.3)

Report of Bernards Mudho, independent expert on the effects of structural adjustment policies and foreign debt on the full enjoyment of all human rights, particularly economic, social and cultural rights - Mission to Kyrgyzstan (E/CN.4/2005/42/Add.1)

Most recent reports by the UN Secretary-General, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Secretariat

Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on technical assistance and cooperation on human rights for Kyrgyzstan (A/HRC/17/41)

Report of the Mission to Kyrgyzstan by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) concerning the events in Andijan, Uzbekistan, 13 -14 May 2005 - Report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (E/CN.4/2006/119)

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Human Rights Advisers in Kyrgyzstan

An “Action 2”-funded human rights adviser was deployed to the UN Country Team in March 2007 for one year to help integrate human rights into the work of the Country Team and to promote and institutionalize the application of a human rights-based approach in the Team’s work. Introductory training was held for Country Team members and resource guides were developed and disseminated. The Human Rights Adviser is working closely with the Country Team in developing joint activities, including advocacy activities.

Induction training on human rights approaches to development, organized for UN staff members, have increased their knowledge of international human rights instruments and raised their awareness about human rights principles. OHCHR is also working in close cooperation with UNDP in developing a joint project to support the Government in treaty body reporting.Specialized leadership training on human rights-based approaches will be conducted for UN Country Team members, and a joint programme on promoting national human rights mechanisms will be developed.

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