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Negative impact of corruption

At its twenty-third session, Council adopted resolution 23/9 (A/HRC/RES/23/9) on the negative impact of corruption on the enjoyment of human rights, in which it recognizes the link between anti-corruption efforts and human rights, and the importance of exploring how to better utilize United Nations human rights mechanisms in this regard and requests the Advisory Committee to:

1. submit a research-based report to the Human Rights Council at its twenty-sixth session (June 2014) on the issue of the negative impact of corruption on the enjoyment of human rights, and to make recommendations on how the Council and its subsidiary bodies should consider this issue;

2. seek the views and inputs of member States, relevant international and regional organizations dealing with the issue of corruption, in particular the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the International Anti-Corruption Academy and the Office of the High Commissioner, as well as national human rights institutions, civil society and relevant academic institutions, when preparing the above-mentioned research-based report;

3. take into account, as appropriate, the specific mandate of the Human Rights Council as well as the work done on the issue by competent United Nations bodies and mechanisms within their respective mandates, when elaborating the above-mentioned report.

Human Rights Council resolution 23/9 (A/HRC/RES/23/9) English | French | Russian

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