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Unilateral coercive measures

At its twenty-fourth session, Council adopted resolution 24/14 (A/HRC/RES/24/14 - A | E | F | R | S) on human rights and unilateral coercive measures, in which requests the Advisory Committee prepare a research-based report containing recommendations on mechanism to assess the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights and to promote accountability, and to present a progress report of the requested research-based report to the 28th session of the Council (March 2015).

The resolution also requests the OHCHR to organize, prior to the 27th session, a workshop on the impact of the application of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights by the affected populations, in particular their socioeconomic impact on women and children, in the States targeted, and prepare a report on the proceedings of the workshop and to submit it to the 27th session of the Council (September 2014).

At its twelfth session in February 2014, the Committee established a drafting group tasked with the drafting of the report and designated the following experts as members of the drafting group: Mr. Lebedev, Mr. Okafor, Mr. Soofi, Mr. Yigezu (Rapporteur) and Mr. Ziegler (Chairperson).

The Committee also requested the drafting group to submit a draft progress report to the Advisory Committee at its thirteenth session, taking into account the replies to the questionnaire distributed after the discussion at the twelfth session of the Committee.

At its thirteenth session in August 2014, the Committee took note of the draft progress report submitted by the drafting group. The Committee also requested the drafting group to re-circulate the questionnaire to seek the views and inputs of the various stakeholders that did not respond to the questionnaire, in order to allow for better informed work. The Committee further requested the drafting group to finalize its progress report to the Council in light of the discussion held by the Advisory Committee during its thirteenth session. The drafting group therefore finalized its report (A/HRC/28/74), which was submitted to the twenty-eighth session of the Human Rights Council.

In line with Council resolution 24/14, requesting the Committee to seek the views and inputs of different stakeholders, the following questionnaires were prepared and disseminated by the Committee in March 2014 to Governments, special procedures of the Human Rights Council, national human rights institutions and non-governmental organizations:

Questionnaire to NGOs

  • Questionnaire to States
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  • Questionnaire to HRC Special Procedures, NHRIs and NGOs
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