Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic

UN human rights investigators decry targeting of civilians in Syria
“The only way to end civilian suffering is to end this war,” the Commission of Inquiry on Syria told the Human Rights Council, as the conflict rages into its seventh year.
Protecting the rights of detainees in Syria
Protection of detainees and the disappeared in Syria was the focus of a recent panel discussion held during the Human Rights Council in Geneva. The discussion focused on the experiences of former detainees as well as providing some ways forward.
Attacks on Syrian civilians and aid workers in Aleppo were war crimes
“The scale of what happened in Aleppo is unprecedented,” the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria said, issuing its new report. The Commission found war crimes were committed by government forces and opposition groups in the brutal battle to control Aleppo.
Too long a wait for peace and justice - Commission of Inquiry
The Commission of Inquiry on Syria urges parties to commit to a political solution to the conflict, and following a finding that ISIS is committing genocide in Syria, again calls upon the UN Security Council to refer the situation to international criminal justice.
Out of sight, out of mind: deaths in detention in Syria
Syrian men, women, and children have been transferred to one of the dozens of official or secret Government-run detention facilities in the Syrian Arab Republic. Thousands of them have been killed while in custody.
Crying Out for Justice: the Continued Plight of Syrian Civilians
The latest UN Commission of Inquiry report on the Syrian Arab Republic calls for urgent action to ensure the effective protection of civilians caught up in protracted fighting. The report, the tenth from the Commission, was presented during an interactive dialogue at the 30th session of the Human Rights Council.
UN rights experts describe ‘unconscionable’ suffering of Syrians in four-year conflict
Four UN human rights experts briefed the Security Council today on a new report into human rights and humanitarian law violations in Syria, saying unthinkable crimes continue occurring daily, with victims' voices in danger of being lost amid the horrors of the conflict.
Syria’s brutal war threatens international peace and security, says UN rights panel
In its latest report, the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria emphasized that with the continuous influx of foreign fighters and the success of extremist groups, “risks of the conflict spreading further are palpable.”
The conflict in Syria reaches a tipping point: violence at unimaginable levels
Warning of a regional war in the Middle East, the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria foresees violent repercussions in Syria from events in neighbouring Iraq.
Open wounds: torture and ill-treatment in Syria
A new thematic paper produced by the UN Human Rights Office on torture in Syria highlights horrific accounts from victims of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment by Government forces and some armed opposition groups.
Terrorised population in Syria deserves a political solution, states UN Commission
Syrians want a peaceful resolution to the conflict and accountability for the crimes committed in their country, the Commission of Inquiry on Syria tells the Human Rights Council.
Assault on medical care: a distinct and chilling reality of the civil war in Syria
The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, in a special report to the 24th Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva has focused attention on the assault on medical care of the sick and wounded, as one of the “most alarming features of the Syrian conflict.”
Commission of Inquiry on Syria: civilians bearing the brunt of the “unrelenting spiral of violence”
The Commission of Inquiry on Syria alerts the Human Rights Council on escalating levels of violence and renews its call for a diplomatic resolution of the conflict in Syria.
More human rights abuses in Syria as conflict escalates - Commission of Inquiry
The Commission of Inquiry on Syria presents its report to the Human Rights Council on the events in Al-Houla, amidst fears of further militarization of the crisis and worsening human rights violations in Syria.
UN Human Rights council holds a fourth special session to discuss the Syrian crisis
In a statement read on her behalf by Marcia V.J.Kran, Director at the UN Human Rights office, Pillay called for an “immediate end to all forms of violence and human rights violations by all parties.”
The Human Rights Council calls on the Syrian Government to immediately end attacks on civilians
Condemning the continued widespread and systematic human rights violations in Syria, the Human Rights Council passes a resolution calling for an immediate end to all human rights violations and attacks against Syrian civilians.
Syria in turmoil – the UN Human Rights Council acts again
Allegations of human rights violations arising from this year’s demonstrations in Syria are to be investigated by an international commission of inquiry acting on behalf of the Human Rights Council.
Human Rights Council: Stop human rights violations in Syria
UN Human Rights Council requests Syria to stop all human rights violations, and asks the UN Human Rights office to dispatch an investigative team.