Country visits

Visits represent a fundamental activity of the Special Rapporteur. Pursuant to report E/CN.4/2005/61, para. 14, the Special Rapporteur undertakes country visits to get an in-depth understanding of specific contexts and practices and to provide constructive feedback to the given country and report to the Council or the General Assembly. During country visits, the Special Rapporteur holds meetings with representatives of relevant State bodies, representatives of religious and belief communities present on the territory, associations of religious groups and other non-governmental organizations as well as persons who may be interested or affected by the mandate. The Special Rapporteur also undertakes field visits during these country missions in order to be completely acquainted with the surrounding circumstances.

The Special Rapporteur has also re-established the initial approach of sending follow-up letters after country visits in order to receive updated information about the implementation of recommendations at the national level (see A/HRC/13/40, para. 15). In this regard, the Special Rapporteur transmitted in November 2009 follow-up tables to the Governments of the eight countries which she had visited from 2005 to 2007. These tables contain the conclusions and recommendations from her mission report and follow-up information from relevant United Nations documents, including from the universal periodic review, special procedures and treaty bodies. A third column includes information provided by the State on the consideration given to these recommendations, the steps taken to implement them and any constraints which may prevent their implementation

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Symbol number
Mission to Denmark (13 to 22 March 2016) A/HRC/34/50/Add.1-
Mission to Bangladesh (31 August to 9 September 2015) A/HRC/31/18/Add.2-
Mission to Bangladesh: comments by the State on the report of the Special Rapporteur A/HRC/31/18/Add.4
Mission to Lebanon: comments by the State on the report of the Special Rapporteur A/HRC/31/18/Add.3-
Mission to Lebanon (23 March to 2 April 2015) A/HRC/31/18/Add.1-
Mission to Viet Nam: comments by the State on the report of the Special Rapporteur A/HRC/28/66/Add.4
Mission to Viet Nam ( 21-31 July 2014) A/HRC/28/66/Add.2
Mission to Kazakhstan: comments by the State on the report of the Special Rapporteur A/HRC/28/66/Add.3-
Mission to Kazakhstan (25 March - 4 April 2014) A/HRC/28/66/Add.1-
Mission to Jordan: comments by the State on the report of the Special Rapporteur A/HRC/25/58/Add.4-
Mission to Jordan (2-10 September 2013) A/HRC/25/58/Add.2-
Mission to Sierra Leone: comments by the State on the report of the Special Rapporteur A/HRC/25/58/Add.3-
Mission to Sierra Leone (30 June- 5 July 2013) A/HRC/25/58/Add.1-
Mission to Cyprus: comments by the State on the report of the Special Rapporteur A/HRC/22/51/Add.2-
Cyprus (29 March - 9 April 2012) A/HRC/22/51/Add.1 Follow-up
Mission to the Republic of Moldova: comments by the State on the report of the Special Rapporteur A/HRC/19/60/Add.3-
Republic of Moldova (September 2011) A/HRC/19/60/Add.2-
Paraguay (March 2011)


Lao People's Democratic Republic (November 2009) A/HRC/13/40/Add.4 Follow-up
Republic of Serbia, including visit to Kosovo (April/May 2009) A/HRC/13/40/Add.3 Follow-up
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (April 2009) A/HRC/13/40/Add.2 Follow-up 
Turkmenistan (September 2008) A/HRC/10/8/Add.4 Follow-up
India (March 2008) A/HRC/10/8/Add.3 Follow-up
Israel and OPT (January 2008) A/HRC/10/8/Add.2 Follow-up
Angola (November 2007) A/HRC/7/10/Add.4 Follow-up
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (June 2007) A/HRC/7/10/Add.3 Follow-up
Tajikistan (February 2007) A/HRC/7/10/Add.2 Follow-up
Maldives (August 2006) A /HRC/4/21/Add.3 Follow-up
Azerbaijan (February/March 2006) A /HRC/4/21/Add.2 Follow-up
France (September 2005) E /CN.4/2006/5/Add.4 Follow-up
Sri Lanka (May 2005) Follow-up
Nigeria (March 2005)


Romania (September 2003) E/CN.4/2004/63/Add.2-
Georgia (September 2003) E/CN.4/2004/63/Add.1-
Algeria (September 2002) E/CN.4/2003/66/Add.1-
Argentina (April 2001) E/CN.4/2002/73/Add.1-
Bangladesh (May 2000) A/55/280/Add.2-
Turkey (December 1999) A/55/280/Add.1-
Viet Nam (October 1998) E/CN.4/1999/58/Add.2-
United States of America (February 1998) E/CN.4/1999/58/Add.1
Germany (September 1997) E/CN.4/1998/6/Add.2 Follow-up
Australia  (February 1997) E/CN.4/1998/6/Add.1 Follow-up
India (December 1996) E/CN.4/1997/91/Add.1 Follow-up
Greece (June 1996) A/51/542/Add.1 Follow-up
Sudan (September 1996) A/51/542/Add.2 Follow-up
Islamic Republic of Iran (December 1995) E/CN.4/1996/95/Add.2 Follow-up
Pakistan (June1995) E/CN.4/1996/95/Add.1 Follow-up
China (November 1994) E/CN.4/1995/91 Follow-up


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