Country Visits

Country visits are a particularly important aspect of the mandate as they provide a means for assessing the extent to which the protection needs of the internally displaced are being met in specific situations and for engaging with Governments, non-state actors, international and local humanitarian agencies, local civil society, displaced persons, and other interested actors.

To date, the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons, Dr. Chaloka Beyani, has undertaken visits: in 2011 to Kenya and the Maldives; in 2012 to Côte d’Ivoire and Sudan; in 2013 to Georgia, Serbia including Kosovo, South Sudan and Sri Lanka. Full reports on the visits carried out in 2011 and 2012, which were presented to the Human Rights Council, are available under the rubric ‘Documents’ or ‘Country Visits’ in this website. As for the visits undertaken in 2013, the Special Rapporteur’s preliminary impressions are available under the rubric ‘Press Releases’. The full reports of the visits carried out in 2013 will be available in the next Special Rapporteur’s annual report to be presented to the Human Rights Council in June 2014.

Reports from country missions of the former Representatives of the Secretary-General on internally displaced persons, Francis M. Deng (1992-2010) and Walter Kälin (2004-2010), are listed here in reverse chronological order.

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Symbol number

2015 Syrian Arab Republic  
2015 Iraq  
2014 Ukraine A/HRC/29/34/Add.3
2014 Haiti A/HRC/29/34/Add.2
2014 Azerbaijan A/HRC/29/34/Add.1
2013 Sri  Lanka A/HRC/26/33/Add.4 and A/HRC/26/33/Add.6
2013 South Sudan A/HRC/26/33/Add.3
2013 Serbia including Kosovo A/HRC/26/33/Add.2
2013 Georgia A/HRC/26/33/Add.1
2012 Côte d’Ivoire A/HRC/23/44/Add.1
2012 Sudan A/HRC/23/44/Add.2
2011 Maldives A/HRC/19/54/Add.1
2011 Kenya A/HRC/19/54/Add.2
2010 Iraq A/HRC/16/43/Add.1
2010 Azerbaijan (follow up) A/HRC/16/43/Add.2 and Corrigendum
2010 Georgia (follow up) A/HRC/16/43/Add.3
2010 Central African Republic A/HRC/16/43/Add.4
2009 Chad A/HRC/13/21/Add.5
2009 Georgia (follow up) A/HRC/13/21/Add.3
2009 Somalia A/HRC/13/21/Add.2
2009 Democratic Republic of the Congo, pursuant to resolutions 7/20 & S-8/1 A/HRC/10/59
2008 Georgia A/HRC/10/13/Add.2
2008 Democratic Republic of the Congo A/HRC/8/6/Add.3
2007 Azerbaijan


2007 Central African Republic A/HRC/8/6/Add.1
2007 Sri Lanka A/HRC/8/6/Add.4
2006 Colombia A/HRC/4/38/Add.3
2006 Croatie E/CN.4/2006/71/Add.3
2006 Cote d'Ivoire A/HRC/4/38/Add.2
2006 Georgia E/CN.4/2006/71/Add.7
2005 Bosnia/Herzegovina E/CN.4/2006/71/Add.4
2005 Nepal E/CN.4/2006/71/Add.2
2005 Serbia/Montenegro E/CN.4/2006/71/Add.5
2005 Sudan E/CN.4/2006/71/Add.6
2004 Sudan E/CN.4/2005/8
2003 Russian Federation E/CN.4/2004/77/Add.2
2003 Uganda E/CN.4/2004/77/Add.1
2002 Philippines E/CN.4/2003/86/Add.4
2002 Mexico E/CN.4/2003/86/Add.3
2002 Turkey E/CN.4/2003/86/Add.2
2002 Sudan E/CN.4/2003/86/Add.1 and Corr.1
2001 Indonesia E/CN.4/2002/95/Add.2  
2001 Sudan E/CN.4/2002/95/Add.1
2000 Angola E/CN.4/2001/5/Add.5
2000 Georgia E/CN.4/2001/5/Add.4
2000 Armenia E/CN.4/2001/5/Add.3
2000 Burundi E/CN.4/2001/5/Add.1
2000 East Timor E/CN.4/2000/83/Add.3
1999 Colombia E/CN.4/2000/83/Add.1
1998 Azerbaijan E/CN.4/1999/79/Add.1
1996 Mozambique E/CN.4/1997/43/Add.1
1996 Tajikistan A/51/483/Add.1
1995 Peru E/CN.4/1996/52/Add.1
1994 Rwanda E/CN.4/1995/50/Add.4  
1994 Burundi E/CN.4/1995/50/Add.2
1994 Colombia E/CN.4/1995/50/Add.1
1993 Sri Lanka E/CN.4/1994/44/Add.1
1992 Former Yugoslavia, Russian Federation, Somalia, Sudan, El Salvador E/CN.4/1993/35