Country visits

Sourroundings of Banfora (Burkina Faso). Association of migrant women returned to Burkina Faso from Côte d'Ivoire. February 2005

In its resolution 2000/48, the Commission requested the Special Rapporteur to include in his work schedule a programme of visits with a view to improving the protection afforded to the human rights of migrants, thus implementing as broadly and fully as possible all aspects of his mandate.

Visits to countries constitute an opportunity for the Special Rapporteur, through a direct dialogue with the Government concerned and representatives of civil society, to understand better the situation prevailing in that country. Discussions conducted during such visits with the officials concerned, enable him to enhance his understanding of the State and the evolution of the national legislation from the perspective of international human rights norms, taking into account the social, political and historical context in each country.

Visits are undertaken only at the invitation of a Government. However, the Special Rapporteur may solicit an invitation, based on factors such as the number, credibility and gravity of the allegations received, and the potential impact that the mission may have on the overall human rights situation.

Forthcoming visits

Angola (dates to be agreed)
Côte d'Ivoire (dates to be agreed)
Nepal (4-11 December 2014)
Republic of Korea (dates to be agreed)

Visits requested

Bangladesh (2013)
Ghana (2013)
Malaysia (2013)
Mauritania (2013)
Myanmar (2013)
Thailand (2013)
Vietnam (2013)

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Visit undertaken and reports


Document number

Report on the mission to Malta (6-10 December 2014) A/HRC/29/36/Add.3
Report on the Follow-up mission to Italy (2-6 December 2014) A/HRC/29/36/Add.2
Mission to Sri Lanka (19-26 May 2014) A/HRC/29/36/Add.1
A C E F R S 
Mission to Qatar (3-10 November 2013) A/HRC/26/35/Add.1
Mission to Greece (25 November - 3 December 2012) A/HRC/23/46/Add.4
Mission to Italy (30 September - 8 October 2012) A/HRC/23/46/Add.3
Mission to Turkey (25 to 30 June 2012) A/HRC/23/46/Add.2
Mission to Tunisia (3 to 8 June 2012) A/HRC/23/46/Add.1
Mission to the European Union (Brussels 7 to 9 May 2012) .
Mission to Albania (5-13 December 2011) - More information about this mission.... A/HRC/20/24/Add.1
Mission to South Africa (24 January-1 February 2011) A/HRC/17/33/Add.4
Mission to Japan (23-31 March 2010) A/HRC/17/33/Add.3
Mission to Senegal (17-21 August 2009)  A/HRC/17/33/Add.2
Mission to the United Kingdom (21-26 June 2009) A/HRC/14/30/Add.3
Mission to Romania (15-20 June 2009) A/HRC/14/30/Add.2
Mission to Guatemala (24-28 March 2008) A/HRC/11/7/Add.3
Mission to Mexico 9-15 March 2008 A/HRC/11/7/Add.2
Mission to the United States of America 30 April-18 May 2007 A/HRC/7/12/Add.2
Indonesia (December 2006) A/HRC/4/24/Add.3
South Korea (December 2006) A/HRC/4/24/Add.2
Burkina Faso (February 2005) E/CN.4/2006/73/Add.2
Peru (September 2004) E/CN.4/2005/85/Add.4
Italy (June 2004) E/CN.4/2005/85/Add.3
Iran (February 2004) E/CN.4/2005/85/Add.2
Morocco (October 2003) E/CN.4/2004/76/Add.3
Spain (September 2003) E/CN.4/2004/76/Add.2
Philippines (May 2002) E/CN.4/2003/85/Add.4
Border between Mexico and the United States of America (March 2002) E/CN.4/2003/85/Add.3/Corr.1
Mexico (February 2002) E/CN.4/2003/85/Add.2
Ecuador (November 2001) E/CN.4/2002/94/Add.1
Canada (September 2000) E/CN.4/2001/83/Add.1