Country visits


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Fiji (December 2016)
(Advance unedited version, available in English only)
Australia (November-December 2016)
(Advance edited version, available in English only)
Comments from Australia on the report of the visit
(available in English only)
Argentina (May 2016)
Comments from Argentina on the report of the visit
Greece (May 2016)
Republic of Korea (September-October 2014)
Mauritania (September 2013)
Spain (January 2013)
Comments from Spain on the report of the visit
Bolivia (September 2012)
Hungary (2011)
Singapore (April 2010)
United Arab Emirates (October 2009)
Germany (June 2009)
United States of America (May-June 2008)
Mauritania (January 2008)
Dominican Republic (October 2007)
Lithuania (September 2007)
Latvia (September 2007)
Estonia (September 2007)
Italy (October 2006)
Russian Federation (June 2006)
Switzerland (January 2006)
Brazil (October 2005)
Japan (July 2005)
Nicaragua (July 2004)
Honduras (July 2004)
Côte D’Ivoire (February 2004)
Guatemala (June 2004)
Colombia (October 2003)
Canada (September 2003)
Trinidad and Tobago , Guyana (July 2003)
Australia (May 2001)
Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania (September 1999)
South Africa (March 1998)
Kuwait (November 1996)
Colombia (July 1996)
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (November 1995)
France (October 1995)
Germany (September 1995)
Brazil (June 1995)
United States of America (October 1994)

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