International Year for People of African Descent

Calendar of events

9 December - ResoNations 2011: An International Telematic Music Concert for Peace
Abu Dhabi, Nairobi and New York
Contact: sarah@sarahweaver.org

9 November 2011 - Celebration - International Year for People of African Descent , Africa; Mère de tous les peuples
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
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2 November 2011-24 June 2012 - Itinerant photographic exhibition: "Women in Africa - No Color One Color"
Italian Institute of Culture, Nairobi, Kenya; Sheraton Hotel, Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy; and other venues.
Contact: info@fuoriserrone.biz
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20 October - Panel discussion on "The Causes and Consequences of Racism"
Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti , Michigan, United States of America
Contact: vokafor@emich.edu
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9 October - 16th Annual Maafa event to commemorate the enslavement of Africans
San Francisco, California, United States of America
Contact: woseOAK@aol.com; mail@maafasfbayarea.com; wandasabir@gmail.com

3-7 October – World Afro-descendant Youth Summit
Radisson Europa Hotel & Conference Center San José, Costa Rica
Contact: cumbre@proyectocaribe.org, circuloafro@gmail.com
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22-24 September - 7th International African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference
World Trade and Convention Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Contact: ansa_newsletter@gov.ns.ca

18-21 August – Cumbre Mundial de Afrodescendientes (World Summit on Afro-descendants)
La Ceiba, Honduras
Contact: cumbremundialafro@gmail.com

11-13 August – Pan-African Women’s Action Summit
Minneapolis Community and Technological College, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America
Contact: pawas@copelandcarson.net

6-12 June – Afro-Brazilian Arts and Cultural Heritage Festival
Washington DC, United States of America
Contact: zangada@capoeiradc.com
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5 June 2011 - Launch of a series of events for the International Year for People of African Descent -St Thomas
University of Virgin Islands, St Thomas Campus, Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands
Contact: ludlowebailey@gmail.com

18-20 May - Colloque "Enseigner les traites, esclavages, leurs abolitions et leurs héritages" (Seminar on aducation programme on the slave trades)
Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, Paris, France
Contact: marie-albane.desuremain@paris7.jussieu.fr
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5-7 May - Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of African Studies "Africa Here, Africa There"
York University, Toronto, Canada
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4-11 May – Black International Cinema Festival
Fountainhead Tanz Theatre, Berlin, Germany
Contact: bicdance@aol.com

Note: This calendar of events is provided for information only and not all are official UN events. OHCHR only takes responsibility for the organization and outcome of its own events.