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Oficinas/centros regionales

OHCHR regional offices address the regional dimensions of human rights issues, including specific thematic issues; engage national actors in countries within the region following an assessment of needs and in accordance with OHCHR’s regional strategies; and provide support to UN Country Teams in the region. Where relevant, they also work closely with and support regional organizations.

By early 2008, OHCHR will have regional offices in Addis Ababa (East Africa), Bangkok (Southeast Asia), Beirut (Middle East), Bishkek (Central Asia), Dakar (West Africa), Panama (Latin America, with a small liaison office in Santiago, Chile,where the former South America Regional Office was located), Pretoria (Southern Africa), and Suva (Pacific), and plans to open additional offices covering South-West Asia and North Africa during this biennium.

In addition, OHCHR will increase support to the United Nations subregional centre for human rights and democracy in Central Africa, established in 2001 pursuant to General Assembly Resolution A/Res/54/55 (1999). The Office is also holding discussions with the Government of Qatar with the aim of opening the United Nations Human Rights Training and Documentation Centre for South-West Asia and the Arab Region during 2008, in accordance with General Assembly Resolution A/Res/60/153 (2005).

Regional offices vary in size, with a minimum of three professional officers. Their activities, analyses, conclusions and recommendations are integrated in the High Commissioner’s annual report to the Human Rights Council. Details on the individual regional offices can be found in the relevant sections of this Strategic Management Plan.

Región de Africa

Región Medio Oriente y Africa del Norte

Región de Asia y el Pacífico

Región de Europa, Norteamérica y Asia Central

Región de las Américas

Oficinas Regionales

Africa Oriental
Africa Meridional
West Africa
Medio Oriente
Africa del Norte
Sureste Asiático

América Central
América del Sur

Centros Regionales de DDHH

Africa Central Centro para el sudoeste de Asia y la Región Árabe      


División de Creación de Capacidad y de Operaciones sobre el Terreno
Todos los contactos se encuentra en Ginebra, Suiza.

Unidad para África
Teléfono: +41 22 928 9694

Unidad para el Medio Oriente y África del Norte
Teléfono: +41 22 928 9153

Unidad para Asia y el Pacífico
Teléfono: +41 22 928 9650

Unidad de Europa y Asia Central
Teléfono: +41 22 928 9291

Unidad para las Américas
Teléfono: + 41 22 928 9167

Unidad de apoyo a las Misiones de Mantenimiento de la Paz
Teléfono: +41 22 917 9220

Unidad para las Instituciones Nacionales
Teléfono: +41 22 928 9467

Coordinador para el Fondo Voluntario de Cooperación Técnica
Teléfono: +41 22 928 9287

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