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On 22 September 2009, an Agreement was signed between OHCHR and the Government of Mauritania to establish the OHCHR Country Office in Nouakchott. On 9 December 2010, the Office was officially inaugurated. Since its establishment, the Office has been monitoring the human rights situation and offering technical assistance to the Government as well as to the civil society organisations, including in the fight against discrimination and slavery and in reforming the justice system.


Based on the priorities identified by OHCHR, recommendations emanating from the different UN human rights mechanisms and the overall UN strategy for the Sahel region, the Country Office focuses on strengthening the rule of law and protecting human rights, taking into consideration factors such as the large influx of Malian refugees and the degrading humanitarian situation; as well as the rising level of insecurity in the Sahel. The Office aims to combat impunity and strengthen accountability, and seek to promote economic, social and cultural rights.

The Country Office supports constitutional, policy and institutional reforms and promotes Mauritania’s engagement with the UN human rights mechanisms; the ratification of additional international human rights instruments; the strengthening of measures to improve legal recourse mechanisms, especially for vulnerable and marginalized groups, and overall compliance with Mauritania’s human rights commitments and obligations.

Through its activities, the Office, in cooperation with the United Nations Country Team, lends its support to the national authorities, civil society organizations, the National Human Rights Institution and other relevant actors in building an effective national human rights protection system, including through the provision of technical cooperation, training and advocacy. Alongside capacity-building activities, the Office undertakes regular monitoring and reporting on key human rights issues.

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