OHCHR in Papua New Guinea


The UN Human Rights Adviser’s Unit (HRAU) in Papua New Guinea provides advice to the UN Country Team in Papua New Guinea on critical human rights issues. The HRAU provides technical advice and capacity building support to the Government of Papua New Guinea to fulfil its international human rights obligations. The HRAU also works with civil society to strengthen their capacity to monitor and report on human rights violations in the country and engage with the UN Human Rights Mechanisms.

Type of engagement
Human Rights Adviser
Year established
Field offices
Port Moresby, Buka
Number of staff
Annual budget needs
US$ 762,000


  • In February 2018, the HRAU facilitated the first ever visit of a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to the country, advancing dialogue on critical issues inlcuding the estasblihment of a National Human Rights Commission, abolishing the death penalty, and strengthening rule of law.
  • In September 2018 the Bougainville House of Representatives established a parliamentary committee on Gender Equality and Human Rights, with HRAU support.
  • In partnership with the Bomana Police Training College, the HRAU has strengthened the capacity of 260 police officers in eight provinces to respect and protect human rights.
  • Members of the Ombudsman Commission and law enforcement authorities have been trained by OHCHR on detention monitoring.
  • The HRAU provides technical advice on the implementation of the Sorcery Accusation Related Violence National Action Plan.
  • The HRAU strengthens the capacity of Government and civil society to engage with the UN Human Rights mechanisms, including to establish a National Mechanism for Reporting and Follow-up and techncial support in treaty reporting.

Partners and Donors

Partners: UN Country Team in PNG, IOM, Government of Papua New Guinea, Department of Justice and Attorney General, PNG Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Bomana Police Training College, PNG Ombudsman Commission, PNG Correctional Services, Delegation of the European Union to PNG, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Oxfam.

Donors: Australian, Peace Building Fund.

UN Human Rights Focus Areas

Thematic pillars
  • Mechanisms: Increasing implementation of the international human rights mechanisms outcomes
  • Development: Integrating human rights in sustainable development
  • Accountability: Strengthening rule of law and accountability for human rights violations
  • Non discrimination: Enhancing equality and countering discrimination
  • Participation: Enhancing & protecting civic space and people's participation
  • Peace and Security: Early warning, prevention & protection of human rights in situations of conflict & insecurity
  • Prevention
  • People on the move
  • Inequalities
  • Global constituency
  • Climate change
  • Digital space & emerging technologies
Spotlight populations
  • Women
  • Young people
  • Persons with disabilities

Last reviewed: July 2020

Contact Information


Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division (FOTCD)
Contact in Geneva, Switzerland.

Asia Pacific Section
Tel. +41 22 928 9650


OHCHR Regional Office for the Pacific
c/o UNDP, Level 5, Kadavu House
Private Mail Bag
Victoria Parade
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