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OHCHR in Colombia 2013-2014


OHCHR-Colombia was established, upon request of the Commission on Human Rights and the initiative of the Government of Colombia, on 29 November 1996 by an Agreement between the Government of Colombia and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, (E/CN.4/1997/11). OHCHR has been present in Colombia since 1997. The agreement was last renewed in July 2013. OHCHR-Colombia operates from the capital city, Bogotá, and eight offices across the country.

It implements a comprehensive strategy that includes:

  1. monitoring of the human rights situation with a view to advising the authorities on the formulation and implementation of policies, programmes and measures to promote and protect human rights, also in the context of violence and internal armed conflict, including through the presentation of annual reports on the human rights situation in Colombia to the Human Rights Council ;
  2. cooperation and technical assistance and advice to the Government to promote respect and observance of human rights and international humanitarian law in Colombia;
  3. provision of technical assistance and advice to civil society and non-governmental human rights organizations and individuals, and
  4. promotion of human rights to the general public and dissemination of information on international human rights and humanitarian law standards.


The Office’s programme includes:

  • monitoring and reporting on the human rights situation;
  • assistance towards increasing the effectiveness of the protection mechanisms for human rights defenders;
  • promoting institutionalisation of human rights education programmes, with a focus on youth;
  • strengthening the capacity of the national justice system, including ordinary, indigenous and special courts, to conform their decisions to applicable human rights standards, norms and principles;
  • providing assistance and advice towards the establishment of transitional justice mechanisms, including accountability, truth, reconciliation and reparation mechanisms, which allow for active participation of victims and are established in accordance with international standards;
  • providing assistance and advice towards increasing compliance with economic, social and cultural rights in State entities, including the health and education sectors;
  • promoting integration of human rights standards into business operations;
  • providing assistance towards increasing the level of use of the national protection system related to the free, prior and informed consultation of indigenous peoples and other ethnic minorities, in compliance with international standards;
  • providing assistance and advice towards increasing the implementation of anti-discrimination legislation and initiatives;
  • strengthening the early warning capacities of institutions so that they can act proactively to prevent human rights violations and enhance protection;
  • promoting dialogue and negotiation mechanisms between the Government and civil society, including in the event of a peace agreement;
  • providing assistance and advice towards compliance of policies and regulations related to citizen security and the use of force in the context of demonstrations with applicable human rights standards;
  • promoting increasing follow-up to recommendations of human rights mechanisms.

    Contact Information


    Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division (FOTCD)
    Contact is in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Americas Section
    Tel. + 41 22 917 92 48


    Head of the Office
    Tel. (571) 658 3300
    Bogotá, Colombia

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