List of participants 12th to 9th meetings of chairpersons

12th Meeting of Chairpersons June 2000
Mrs. Virginia Bonoan- Dandan CESCR Chairperson-Rapporteur
Mr. Peter T. Burns CAT  
Mrs. Cecilia Medina Quiroga HRC  
Mr. Michael E. Sherifis CERD Vice-Chairperson
Mrs. Awa Ouedraogo CRC  
No representative of CEDAW was able to attend, due to a special session of the General Assembly on Beijing +5 taking place from 5 to 9 June 2000.

11th Meeting of Chairpersons May 1999
Mr. Mahmoud Aboul-Nasr CERD  
Mrs. Virginia Bonoan-Dandan CESCR Vice-Chairperson
Mr. Peter T. Burns CAT  
Mrs. Aida González CEDAW  
Mrs. Nafsiah Mboi CRC  
Mrs. Cecilia Medina Quiroga HRC Chairperson

10th Meeting of Chairpersons September 1998
Ms. Charlotte Abaka CEDAW (Vice-Chairperson)  
Mr. Mahmoud Aboul-Nasr CERD  
Mr. Philip Alston CESCR  
Mr. Peter Thomas Burns CAT Chairperson-Rapporteur
Mr. Omran El-Shafei HRC (Vice-Chairperson)  
Ms. Sandra P. Mason CRC  

9th Meeting of Chairpersons February 1998
Mr. Philip Alston CESCR Chairperson-Rapporteur
Mr. Michael Banton CERD  
Ms. Christine Chanet HRC  
Mr. Bent Sorensen CAT (Vice-Chairperson)  
Ms. Salma Khan CEDAW  
Ms. Sandra P. Mason CRC  
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