List of participants 8th to 5th meetings of chairpersons

8th Meeting of Chairpersons September 1997
Mr. Philip Alston CESCR Chairperson-Rapporteur
Mr. Michael Banton CERD  
Ms. Christine Chanet HRC  
Mr. Alexis Dipanda-Mouelle CAT  
Ms. Salma Khan CEDAW  
Ms. Sandra P. Mason CRC  
Ms. Ivanka Corti Chairperson of the seventh meeting of chairpersons  

7th Meeting of Chairpersons September 1996
Mr. Francisco José Aguilar Urbina HRC  
Mr. Philip Alston CESCR  
Mr. Michael Banton CERD  
Ms. Akila Belembaogo CRC  
Ms. Ivanka Corti CEDAW Chairperson-Rapporteur
Mr. Alexis Dipanda-Mouelle CAT  

6th Meeting of Chairpersons September 1995
Mr. Philip Alston CESCR  
Ms. Akila Belembaogo CRC Chairperson-Rapporteur
Ms. Ivanka Corti CEDAW  
Mr. Alexis Dipanda-Mouelle CAT  
Mr. Omran El Shafei HRC (Vice-Chairperson  
Mr. Ivan Garvalov CERD  

5th Meeting of Chairpersons September 1994
Mrs. Hoda Badran CRC  
Mrs. Virginia Bonoan-Dandan CESCR (Rapporteur)  
Mrs. Ivanka Corti CEDAW  
Mr. Vojin Dimitrijevic HRC (Vice-Chairperson)  
Mr. Alexis Dipanda-Mouelle CAT  
Mr. Ivan Garvalov CERD Chairperson-Rapporteur
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