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Information on the tenure in office of past and current members of the Committee

Elected members

1st COSP, 2008

Reference: CRPD/CSP/2008/4, report of the 1st COSP to the UNCRPD

Elected Members of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:

Mr. Monsur Ahmed Choudhuri (Bangladesh) (January 2009- December 2012)
Ms. Amna Ali Al Suweidi (Qatar) (January 2009- December 2012)
Mr. György Könczei (Hungary)* (January 2009- December 2010)
Ms. Ana Peláez Narváez (Spain) (January 2009- December 2012)
Mr. Cveto Ursic (Slovenia)* (January 2009- December 2010)
Ms. Jia Yang (China) (January 2009- December 2012)
Mr. Mohammed Al-Tarawneh (Jordan) (January 2009- December 2012)
Mr. Ronald McCallum AO (Australia)* (January 2009- December 2010)
Ms. María Soledad Cisternas Reyes (Chile) (January 2009- December 2012)
Mr. Germán Xavier Torres Correa (Ecuador)* (January 2009- December 2010)
Mr. Lotfi Ben Lallohom (Tunisia)* (January 2009- December 2010)
Ms. Edah Wangechi Maina (Kenya)* (January 2009- December 2010)

*These members' terms shall expire at the end of two years.

3rd COSP (2010)

Reference: CRPD/CSP/2010/3, report of the 3rd COSP to the UNCRPD

Re-elected for a second term

Ronald Clive McCallum (Australia), (January 2011- December 2014)
Edah Wangechi Maina (Kenya) (January 2011- December 2014)
Lotfi Ben Lallahom (Tunisia), (January 2011- December 2014)
Germán Xavier Torres Correa (Ecuador) (January 2011- December 2014)


Theresia Degener (Germany), (January 2011- December 2014)
Hyung Shik Kim (Republic of Korea) (January 2011- December 2014)
Carlos Rios Espinosa (Mexico) (January 2011- December 2014)
Damjan Tatic (Serbia), (January 2011- December 2014)
Stig Langvad (Denmark), (January 2011- December 2014)
Silvia Judith Quang Chang (Guatemala), *(January 2011- December 2012)
Fatiha Hadj Salah (Algeria), * (January 2011- December 2012)
Gábor Gombos (Hungary), * (January 2011- December 2012)

5th COSP 2012

Reference: CRPD/CSP/2012/2, report of the 5th COSP to the UNCRPD

Re-elected for a second term

Mária Soledad Cisternas Reyes ( Chile) (January 2013- December 2016)
Ana Pelaez Narvaez ( Spain) (January 2013- December 2016)
Silvia Judith Quan Chang ( Guatemala). (January 2013- December 2016)
Mohammed Al-Tarawneh ( Jordan). (January 2013- December 2016)


Monthian Buntan ( Thailand), (January 2013- December 2016)
László Gábor Lovászy ( Hungary), (January 2013- December 2016)
Diane Mulligan ( United Kingdom), (January 2013- December 2016)
Safak Pavey ( Turkey), (January 2013- December 2016)
Martin Mwesigwa Babu ( Uganda) (January 2013- December 2016)

Country-specific information