What the Fund does

The OPCAT Special Fund supports torture prevention projects. These projects should implement recommendations of the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture made after a country visit, provided that the visit report was made public. (See the UN Treaty Body database for the list of visited countries and public reports.)

Builds capacity

Projects supported by the Special Fund have contributed significantly to capacity-building for a wide range of key actors in torture prevention. This includes more than:

  • 120 judges
  • 600 police officers
  • 60 health professionals
  • 178 prison staff
  • 110 representatives of authorities
  • members of more than 15 civil society organizations.

Increases knowledge

Fund projects have also created a variety of information materials to help those affected by torture. These include:

  • 25,000 booklets
  • 10,000 posters
  • 500 guides
  • 10,000 flyers
  • 1,000 manuals.

Many of these items have been translated into minority or migrant workers languages, and distributed within places of detention, including in remote areas.

Supports nationals preventive mechanisms

The Fund has also supported the establishment and functioning of national preventive mechanisms (NPMs). Projects supported by the Fund included:

  • drafting laws establishing national preventive mechanisms in accordance with the Optional Protocol
  • elaborating calls for nominations, terms of reference, and organization of public hearings of NPMs candidates
  • training of NPMs members on international standards concerning torture and ill-treatment, reporting and monitoring techniques
  • developing NPMs strategic plans and supporting operational efficiency
  • elaborating NPMs documents (annual reports, leaflets, posters)
  • supporting collaboration between NPMs and other stakeholders (government authorities, civil society, professional groups)
  • promoting visibility of NPMs through public meetings, radio campaigns

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“I am grateful for this training and I promise to pass on to my staff the knowledge and skills that I have acquired on this occasion in order to prevent torture in police stations.”

Commandant from the Brigade de Recherche of Porto Novo, Benin
Source: OMCT Grant Report, 2014

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