Human Rights Treaty Bodies - General Comments

Each of the treaty bodies publishes its interpretation of the provisions of its respective human rights treaty in the form of “general comments” or “general recommendations”.

These cover a wide range of subjects, from the compre­hensive interpretation of substantive provisions, such as the right to life or the right to adequate food, to general guidance on the information that should be submitted in State reports relating to specific articles of the treaties.

Gen­eral comments have also dealt with wider, cross-cutting issues, such as the role of national human rights institutions, the rights of persons with disabilities, violence against women and the rights of minorities.

The general comments of all human rights treaty bodies are compiled in the document HRI/GEN/1/REV.9(VOL.I) and HRI/GEN/1/REV.9(VOL.II) (2008).

The general comments of each treaty body are listed on their respective web pages: