Contributions to the institution-building of the Human Rights Council

Participation of the Coordination Committee in consultations regarding the review of mandates and participation of mandate holders in the review process 2006-8

The Coordination Committee played an active role during the process of the review of mandates conducted in 2007 by the Human Rights Council Working Group on the issue of reviewing and, where necessary, improving and rationalizing all mandates, mechanisms, functions and responsibilities in order to maintain a system of special procedures, expert advice and a complaint procedure of the Human Rights Council. The Coordination Committee also contributed to the subsequent process of the Review, Rationalization and Improvement of mandates undertaken by the Council in 2008. The aim was to ensure that the process of review of mandates would result in a more effective and strengthened system of special procedures.  At the second and fourth session of the Human Rights Council, the CC held meetings with the President of the Human Rights Council, the facilitators of the institution-building working groups of the HRC, and the coordinators of regional groups to discuss issues concerning the review of mandates. The Chair of the CC also participated in the meetings of the HRC Working Group on the review of mandates. The CC encouraged other special procedures mandate holders to participate in the meetings of the Working Group on the review of mandates that took place in November 2006, February and April 2007.

Coordination and Drafting of the Coordination Committee's response on the draft Code of Conduct

The Chair and other members of the Coordination Committee held meetings with mandate holders to discuss the position of mandate holders on the review of special procedures mandates and the Code of Conduct. In this regard a “Note by the Special Procedures' Coordination Committee in Response to Discussions on a Code of Conduct and Annex: Possible Elements of a Code of Conduct” was submitted to the President of the Council and made public in April 2007. The Committee also engaged proactively with Council members throughout the negotiations on the draft Code.