Selection and appointment procedure for mandate holders

Coordination and Drafting of the Coordination Committee's inputs on the technical criteria for placing candidates in the public list

The chair of the Coordination Committee of Special Procedures sent a letter to the President of the Human Rights Council providing inputs of the members of the Coordination Committee on the technical criteria for placing candidates on the public list in September 2007.

Contributions of stakeholders to deliberations of the Consultative Group

The Coordination Committee made proactive use of the opportunities provided to stakeholders in para 51 of HRC resolution 5/1 on the institution-building of the Human Rights Council and submitted comments of current or outgoing mandate holders to the Consultative Group to help it determine the necessary expertise, experience, skills, and other relevant requirements for several of the mandates under consideration. In relation to the established mandate on cultural rights, the Committee provided its views at the request of the Consultative Group.