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UN Human Rights has launched the B-Tech Project which will seek to provide authoritative guidance and resources to enhance the quality of implementation of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human rights with respect to a selected number of strategic focus areas in the technology space.

During 2019, UN Human Rights consulted informally with a range of actors from civil society, business, States, and other experts about the scope of the B-Tech Project. Following a multi-stakeholder consultation in the margin of RightsCon in June 2019, UN Human Rights issued an open call for submissions on the draft paper and the proposed focus areas for the project. Several submissions were received from different stakeholders, which have informed the final version of the scoping paper.

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This section includes certain events and other types of meetings related to the B-Tech Project and in which OHCHR took part or is planning to take part, and which can be made public. If you would like to notify the B-Tech Project team of, or invite us to, relevant events, or propose organizing  an event with us, please contact B-techproject@ohchr.org.

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UN Human Rights B-Tech: Panel discussion on Human Rights risks in tech business models