Study on the feasibility of a global fund to support capacity building on business and human rights

1 April 2014
Twenty-sixth session of the Human Rights Council


In report A/HRC/21/21, the United Nations Secretary-General identified the lack of capacity among all relevant actors as one of the key obstacles to advancing the business and human rights agenda and the implementation of the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The Secretary-General thus recommended that “the feasibility of establishing a global fund on business and human rights linked to the United Nations, with multi-stakeholder engagement, should be considered” (para. 101).

In its resolution 21/5, the Human Rights Council followed up on the Secretary-General's recommendation by requesting the Secretary-General to prepare a study to explore the feasibility of establishing a global fund to enhance the capacity of stakeholders to advance the implementation of the Guiding Principles.
The results of this study can be found in A/HRC/26/20 (paras. 61 80) and A/HRC/26/20/Add.1.


The study found that there is broad support from all stakeholder groups regarding establishing a global fund in the area of business and human rights; however, perspectives differ on the most desirable mandate, governance model and sources of funding.

Inputs received

Inputs for the report were gathered through (1) a discussion session on 4 December 2013 during the second annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights; and (2) an open call for input to all stakeholders (Note verbale to States – English | Français | Español).

Member States:

NGOs and Civil Society Organizations