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Seminar organized by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, in partnership with the International Organization of La Francophonie and UNESCO, in collaboration with the Observatory - 1-2 February 2010

1. Introductory statements / discours introductifs

Mr. Bacre Ndiaye, Director, Human Rights Council and Special Procedures Division, OHCHR F
Mr. Hugo Sada, Delegate for Human Rights, Democracy and Peace, International Organization de la Francophonie F

2. Experts’ written contributions / contributions écrites des experts

Définir les droits culturels, Document de travail, Patrice Meyer-Bisch F
The complexities in practical terms: cultural practices contrary to human rights, possible limitations to cultural rights, and tensions around who defines culture and rights”, Working document, Kenneth Deer E
Droits culturels et pauvreté. Document de travail.Geneviève Defraigne Tardieu F
Derechos culturales: La práctica des Comité de derechos económicos, sociales y culturales. Documento de trabajo. Jaime Marchan Romero S
Cultural rights and development process: which questions, which issues at state? Working document. Josefa Salita Francisco E
Cultural rights and globalization of exchanges and of information, Working document, Anita Gurumurthy E
Les diverses formes de violence et d’exclusion dans la jouissance des droits culturels, Document de travail, Angela Melo F
Diverse Cultural Identities: the Challenges of Integrating Cultural Rights in Policies and Practices, Working document, Dimitrina Petrova E

3. Other relevant documentation / Autre documentation pertinente

General Comment 21 (2009) of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural rights on the right of everyone to take part in cultural life / Observation générale 21 (2009) du Comité des droits économiques, sociaux et culturels sur le droit de toute personne de prendre part à la vie culturelles (  

Experts’ papers and other submissions, Day of General Discussion on the right to take part in cultural life, Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural rights, 9 may 2008 / Documents d’experts et autres contributions, Journée de débat général sur le droit de prendre part à la vie culturelle, Comité des droits économiques, sociaux et culturel, 9 mai 2008: See the Experts' papers ...

4. Useful links / Liens utiles

Fribourg Declaration on cultural rights / Déclaration de Fribourg sur les droits culturels (

Synthesis documents from the Observatory of diversity and cultural rights / Documents de synthèse de l’Observatoire des droits et de la diversité culturelle (