The Working Group may also formulate “deliberations” on matters of a general nature involving a position of principle in order to develop a consistent set of precedents and assist States, for purposes of prevention, to guard against the practice of arbitrary deprivation of liberty. The Group has already adopted various such “deliberations”, in the areas of house arrest and deprivation of freedom for purposes of rehabilitation through labour; concerning the situation regarding immigrants and asylum-seekers; on allegations against the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia; on issues related to psychiatric detention; and on deprivation of liberty linked to/resulting from the use of the internet. By means of these "deliberations" it defines the criteria on the basis of which deprivation of freedom linked with such situations may become arbitrary. (See Issues in focus, for individual deliberations or access the compilation of deliberations here).

Deliberation No. 11 on prevention of arbitrary deprivation of liberty in the context of public health emergencies: English | РусскийEspañol (PDF)

Deliberation No. 10 on reparations for arbitrary deprivation of liberty: English | Español (PDF)

Revised Deliberation No. 5 on deprivation of liberty of migrants: English | Español (PDF)