The study visits by the Expert Mechanism on the Right to Development (EMRTD)

  1. In its resolution 42/23, the Human Rights Council (HRC) has established the Expert Mechanism on the Right to Development (EMRTD) with the mandate “to provide the Council with thematic expertise on the right to development in searching for, identifying and sharing best practices with Member States and to promote the implementation of the right to development worldwide.”
  2. In follow-up to the above-mentioned as well as subsequent HRC resolutions pertaining to its mandate, the EMRTD undertakes trips to countries and/or visits to relevant international organizations. The visits may include on-site consultations and engagements with authorities and other international and local stakeholders including civil society and/or to participating in relevant international conferences and meetings.
  3. The EMRTD is not part of the Special Procedures. Therefore, the visits by the EMRTD are distinct from the country visits by the Special Procedures. They do not result in the submission of an ad-hoc report to either the HRC or any other body. The information gathered during the visit may be included as part of best practices in the thematic studies that the EMRTD submits to the HRC. The visits do not include interaction with the media, including advisories or statements with observations or conclusions at the end of the visit.
  4. Prior to the visit, the Secretariat (OHCHR) will inform the Government concerned in writing including about opportunity to meet with the visiting expert(s) as a courtesy call.
  5. The hosting Government and/or Organization may fund study visits by the EMRTD.

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