Financial complicity: lending to States involved in gross violations of human rights

In March 2015 the Independent Expert on the effects of foreign debt on human rights submitted a report to the Human Rights Council (A/HRC/28/59) discussing the issue of financial complicity analysing the impact that lending may have on Governments engaged in gross human rights violations. The report intends to contribute to a better understanding of when financial support may contribute to, or sustain the commission of, large-scale gross human rights violations by sketching a rational choice framework premised on the incentives of authoritarian Governments and private and official lenders. In the report, the Independent Expert reviews the existing empirical evidence of the relationship between sovereign financing, human rights practices and the consolidation of Governments engaged in gross violations of human rights. Finally, the Independent Expert presents some interim conclusions and invites stakeholders to discuss them. The legal and policy implications of financial complicity will be discussed in a future study.

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