Call for input for report: Taking stock and looking forward - A vision for the work of the mandate

12 November 2021 (extended)
Issued by
Independent Expert on foreign debt, other international financial obligations and human rights, Attiya Waris
To inform the Independent Expert’s first report to the Human Rights Council, 49th session, on a vision and strategy for the work of the mandate in the coming years


Human rights require resources. Economic, social and cultural rights cannot be realised in isolation from the fiscal framework of States and without addressing its international dimensions and mechanisms. Fiscal resources are essential to invest in housing, health, social security, education, food and other economic and social rights. They are also central to the protection and realisation of other rights, such as access to justice, or to the guarantee of substantive equality to all. The work of the mandate has systematically addressed the link between economic policies, debt and human rights. 

The multiple and converging crises of the COVID-19-era clearly point to the need for change in the way financial transactions, including illicit financial flows, and foreign debt are addressed vis-a-vis the financial capacity of States to protect human rights and avoid retrogressive measures.  


  1. to take stock: to identify past initiatives and areas of work of the mandate that have been successful, are deemed necessary to continue and lessons learnt of years of work in this mandate since its establishment in 1998;
  2. to identify new priority areas of work and topics deserving of substantive and renewed focus.

The Independent Expert invites States and all stakeholders to provide views, documentation, analysis and relevant information on these two dimensions. Contributions are welcome from national and subnational governments, civil society organizations and networks, academia, national and regional human rights institutions, UN agencies, funds and programmes, international financial institutions, Economic Commissions, private sector, as well as individuals. 

Questionnaire Section I: Taking Stock
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Questionnaire Section II: Looking forward
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Inputs and contributions received from States, UN Agencies and Economic Commissions, civil society organizations and networks, academics and individuals are available in the following link:  

How and where to submit inputs/comments

Due to limited capacity for translation, we kindly request that responses be submitted, in English, Spanish or French no later 12 November 2021.

Postal address
Independent Expert on Foreign Debt and Human Rights
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
Special Procedures Branch
CH – 1211, Geneva, Switzerland.
Preferred file format
In order to ensure accessibility of information submitted for persons with visual impairments, submissions are preferred in Word format, not in PDF
Accepted languages 
English, Spanish and French

Please keep responses to a maximum of 5 pages (or 3,000 words), and provide links to information, analysis or documents when available.

Treatment of responses

All responses will be posted on the official webpage of the Independent Expert unless it is indicated that the submission and/or the supporting documentation should be kept confidential.