Sessions of the Working Group

Sessions and Annual Report

The Working Group holds three sessions during the year. The Group's meetings are held in private. During the session, the Working Group reviews newly-submitted cases of enforced disappearances and information on previously accepted cases. In addition, the Working Group reviews general allegations, based on information from non-governmental organizations concerning reported obstacles encountered in the implementation of the Declaration on the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance. The Working Group meets, during the first three days of each session, with NGOs and family members of the disappeared, as well as with representatives of governments to exchange views and information on the phenomenon of enforced disappearances. Following each session, the Working Group informs Governments, in writing, of decisions taken with regard to disappearances in their country. The WGEID reports annually to the Human Rights Council on its activities, informing also on its communications with governments and NGOs, its missions, all cases of disappearance received during the year, and the implementation of the 1992 Declaration.

Sessions for 2021

123rd session: 15-19 February 2021
124th session: 17-21 May 2021
125th session: 20-29 September 2021

Sessions for 2020

120th session: 10-14 February 2020 (Geneva, Switzerland)
121st session: 11-15 May 2020 (San Jose, Costa Rica) - POSTPONED due to COVID-19
122nd session: 21-30 September 2020 (Geneva)

Sessions for 2019

117th session: 11-15 February 2019 (Sarajevo, BiH)
118th session: 13-22 May 2019 (Geneva)
119th session: 16-20 September 2019 (Geneva)

Sessions for 2018

114th session: 5-9 February 2018 (Brussels. Belgium) 
115th session: 23 April-2 May 2018 (Geneva) 
116th session: 10-14 September 2018 (Geneva)

Sessions for 2017

111th session: 6-10 February 2017 (Seoul. Republic of Korea)
112th session: 8-17 May 2017 (Geneva)
113th session: 11-15 September 2017 (Geneva)

Sessions for 2016

108th session: 8-12 February 2016 (Rabat)
109th session: 9-18 May 2016
110th session: 19-23 September 2016

Sessions for 2015

105th session: 2-6 March 2015 (Buenos Aires)
106th session: 6-15 May 2015
107th session: 14-18 September 2015

Sessions for 2014

104th session: 15-19 September 2014
103rd session: 7-16 May 2014
102nd session: 3-7 February 2014

Sessions for 2013

99th session: 11-15 March 2013, Geneva.
100th session: 15-19 July 2013, New York
101th session: 4-13 November 2013, Geneva

Sessions for 2012:

96th session: 12-16 March 2012, Geneva.
97th session: 9-13 July 2012, Geneva.
98th session: 31 October-9 November 2012, Geneva.

Previous sessions

Sessions for 2011:

93rd session: 14-18 March 2011, Geneva
94th session: 4-8 July 2011, Geneva
95th session: 1-11 November 2011, Geneva

Sessions for 2010:

90th session: 15-19 March 2010, Geneva
91st session: 22-25 June 2010, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
92nd session: 3-12 November 2010, Geneva

Sessions for 2009:

87th session: 9-13 March 2009
88th session: 26-28 June 2009, Rabat, Morroco
89th session: 4-13 November, Geneva

Sessions for 2008:

84th session: 10-14 March, Geneva
85th session: 24-26 July 2008. Buenos Aires, Argentina
86th session: 26 November-4 December 2008

Thematic issues

Standards and public policies for an effective investigation of enforced disappearances (A/HRC/45/13/Add.3)

- Enforced Disappearances in the context of migration of WGEID study on enforced disappearances in the context of migration
E | F | S

- Enforced disappearances and economic, social and cultural rights
Unofficial translations of WGEID study on enforced disappearances and economic, social and cultural rights
AF | S

- Reparations and enforced disappearances (A/HRC/22/45, paras. 46-68)

How to report a case of disappearance

How to use the WGEID (PDF)

Form to submit a communication on a victim of an enforced disappearance
E | F | S (Word)

Flyer on WGEID’s procedures (PDF)

How to submit cases (video)

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