Human Rights Council seminar on human rights and climate change (23-24 February 2012)

In September 2011, the Human Rights Council adopted its third resolution on “human rights and climate change,” resolution 18/22. This time, the resolution was tabled by the Philippines and Bangladesh, with the support of 43 cosponsors including the Maldives, Germany, and Spain. Resolution 18/22 affirmed that human rights obligations, standards, and principles have the potential to inform and strengthen international and national policy making in the area of climate change, promoting policy coherence, legitimacy, and sustainable outcomes.

Pursuant to resolution 18/22 OHCHR will convene a seminar to address the adverse impacts of climate change on the full enjoyment of human rights, with a view to following up on the call for respecting human rights in all climate change-related actions and policies and forging stronger cooperation between the human rights and climate change communities.

The upcoming seminar will build on previous work already undertaken by the Human Rights Council and its mechanisms. In particular, the seminar’s objectives are to further awareness and enhance understanding of the relationship between climate change and human rights, suggest actions and identify best practices that address the adverse effects of climate change on human rights; and enhance cooperation between human rights and climate change-awareness advocates. The seminar will be held from 23-24 February 2012, at Palais des Nations (Salle XII) and a summary report will be presented at the June 2012 session of the Council and made available to the 18th session of the Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC (COP18).

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