SDG indicators under OHCHR’s custodianship

To monitor the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the UN General Assembly adopted the global SDG indicators framework in July 2017 (A/RES/71/313). The framework comprises 232 indicators, including four human rights indicators (see Human Rights Indicators: A Guide to Measurement and Implementation) for which OHCHR is responsible in terms of methodological development, data compilation and dissemination in the SDG progress report:

- Conflict-related deaths (16.1.2)
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- Killings and other attacks against human rights defenders, journalists and trade unionists (16.10.1)
  Download metadata (English, French, Spanish), methodological guidance note, SDG Progress Report

- Independent national human rights institutions (16.a.1)
  Download metadata (English, French, Russian, Spanish), SDG Progress Report, infographic (English, Spanish)

- Prevalence of discrimination and harassment (10.3.1/16.b.1)
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