In 2020, the human rights to water and sanitation are officially 10 years old. 10 years ago, in 2010, the UN recognized water and sanitation as a human right and in 2015, the UN recognized that water and sanitation are two separate but very closely linked human rights.

As part of celebrations of the 10-year anniversary, the Special Rapporteur released two stories for children, illustrated by Kilsu Lee.

The stories are also available as coloring books (click the images to download).

The human right to water - "Journey of the Droplets"

High-quality (35-40 MB)

Low-quality (10-15 MB)

The human right to sanitation - "Poop's travel to Dreamland"

High-quality (35-40 MB)

Low-quality (10-15 MB)

As part of the celebration, the Special Rapporteur invites all children to ‘Color my Water and Sanitation Rights’.

The challenge is simple: chose your favorite picture from the stories, and color it in!

Find the instructions for joining the challenge here.

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