Country visits

In accordance with paragraph 10 of the Commission on Human Rights resolution 1994/45 and paragraphs 6 and 9 of Human Rights Council resolution 7/24, the Special Rapporteur is mandated to carry out country visits, either separately or jointly with other special rapporteurs, independent experts and working groups.

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Symbol Number of the report
Mission to Ecuador (29 November – 9 December 2019)
Mission to Bulgaria (14 – 21 October 2019)
Mission to Nepal (19 – 29 November 2018)
Mission to Canada (13-23 April 2018) A/HRC/41/42/Add.1
Mission to Bahamas (11 to 15 December 2017) A/HRC/38/47/Add.2
Mission to Australia (13 to 27 February 2017) A/HRC/38/47/Add.1
Mission to Argentina (14 to 21 November 2016) A/HRC/35/30/Add.3
Mission to the Occupied Palestinian Territory/State of Palestine (17 to 22 September 2016) A/HRC/35/30/Add.2
Mission to Israel (12 to 22 September 2016) A/HRC/35/30/Add.1
Mission to Georgia (15 to 19 February 2016) A/HRC/32/42/Add.3
Mission to South Africa (4 to 11 December 2015) A/HRC/32/42/Add.2
Mission to Sudan (13 to 24 May 2015) A/HRC/32/42/Add.1
Mission to Afghanistan (4 to 12 November 2014) A/HRC/29/27/Add.3
Honduras (1-8 July 2014) A/HRC/29/27/Add.1
Mission to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (31March-15 April 2014) A/HRC/29/27/Add.2
Azerbaijan (December 2013) A/HRC/26/38/Add.3
Bangladesh (May 2013) A/HRC/26/38/Add.2
India (April 2013) A/HRC/26/38/Add.1
Croatia (November 2012) A/HRC/23/49/Add.4
Bosnia and Herzegovina (October-November 2012) A/HRC/23/49/Add.3
Papua New Guinea (March 2012) A/HRC/23/49/Add.2
Solomon Islands (March 2012) A/HRC/23/49/Add.1
Italy (January 2012) A/HRC/20/16/Add.2
Somalia (December 2011) A/HRC/20/16/Add.3
Jordan (November 2011) A/HRC/20/16/Add.1 [Arabic version]
United States of America (January-February 2011) A/HRC/17/26/Add.5
Zambia (December 2010) A/HRC/17/26/Add.4
Algeria (November 2010) A/HRC/17/26/Add.3 [French version]
El Salvador (March 2010) A/HRC/17/26/Add.2 [Spanish version]
Kyrgyzstan (November 2009) A/HRC/14/22/Add.2
Moldova (July 2008) A/HRC/11/6/Add.4
Tajikistan (May 2008) A/HRC/11/6/Add.2
Saudi Arabia (February 2008) A/HRC/11/6/Add.3
Democratic Republic of Congo (July 2007) A/HRC/7/6/Add.4
Ghana (July 2007) A/HRC/7/6/Add.3
Algeria (January 2007) A/HRC/7/6/Add.2
Netherlands (July 2006) A/HRC/4/34/Add.4
Sweden (June 2006) A/HRC/4/34/Add.3
Turkey (May 2006) A/HRC/4/34/Add.2
Afghanistan (July 2005) E/CN.4/2006/61/Add.5
Mexico (February 2005) E/CN.4/2006/61/Add.4
Russian Federation (December 2004) E/CN.4/2006/61/Add.2
The Islamic Republic of Iran (February 2005) E/CN.4/2006/61/Add.3
Darfur region of the Sudan E/CN.4/2005/72/Add.5
Occupied Palestinian Territory E/CN.4/2005/72/Add.4
Guatemala E/CN.4/2005/72/Add.3
El Salvador E/CN.4/2005/72/Add.2
Colombia (November 2001) E/CN.4/2002/83/Add.3
Sierra Leone (August 2001) E/CN.4/2002/83/Add.2
Bangladesh, Nepal and India (November 2000) E/CN.4/2001/73/Add.2
East Timor (April 1999) E/CN.4/2000/115
Afghanistan (September 1999) E/CN.4/2000/68/Add.4
Haiti (June 1999) E/CN.4/2000/68/Add.3
Cuba (June 1999) E/CN.4/2000/68/Add.2
Indonesia and East Timor (November 1998) E/CN.4/1999/68/Add.3
United States of America (June 1998) E/CN.4/1999/68/Add.2
Liechtenstein (April 1998) E/CN.4/1999/68
Rwanda (September 1997) E/CN.4/1998/54/Add.1
South Africa (October 1996) E/CN.4/1997/47/Add.3
Brazil (July 1996) E/CN.4/1997/47/Add.2
Poland (May1996) E/CN.4/1997/47/Add.1
Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea & Japan (July 1995) E/CN.4/1996/53/Add.1

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