UN human rights materials

If you are completely new to UN human rights documentation, the good place to start will be the Human Rights section of the UN Research Guide prepared by the UN Library in New York and the Human Rights Guide prepared by UNOG Library.

Please contact the library at library@ohchr.org if you need further assistance or training.

The following databases and catalogues can be searched to retrieve UN documents or information on human rights.

UN databases


Universal Human Rights Index
Documents of treaty bodies, special procedures and ad hoc

Charter-basedbodies database
Documents of charter-based bodies

Treaty-based bodies database
Documents of treaty-based bodies

ODS – Official Document System
Official UN documents

UN Treaties Collection
International instruments,  status of ratifications

UN Yearbook
Detailed overview of UN activities from 1946

Audiovisual Library of International Law
Procedural history, status of ratifications, etc. of international instruments

Jurisprudence emanating from the United Nations Treaty Bodies which receive and consider complaints from individuals

Library catalogues

OHCHR Library catalogue (Geneva)
UNOG Library catalogue (Geneva)
UN Library catalogue (New York)

HR Council Plenary

UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré


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