The OHCHR Library provides on demand training in the following areas to OHCHR staff members, consultants, members UN Member States’ delegates, NGOs:

Introduction to Library services to new OHCHR staff members, consultants, interns

Presentation of Library resources and services to OHCHR sections or branches

Finding UN human rights documentation in UN databases

UN human rights information on the web

  • UN website

  • OHCHR website (Charter- and Treaty-based bodies, international human rights instruments, etc.)

  • OHCHR news, statements and press-releases

  • OHCHR publications, etc.

Electronic journals and online databases

Current human rights training opportunities around the world

 Please contact the Library at to request your training.

Contact information

Tel.: +41 22 928 9790
Fax: +41 22 928 9065

Postal address:
8-14 Avenue de la Paix, CH-1211
Geneva 10