Pedaling for a Greener World

OHCHR staff ride bikes for a greener environment © OHCHR Christine WambaaThe UN Human Rights office (OHCHR) has taken the initiative and now offers the option of riding bicycles as a form of transportation for its staff in Geneva, primarily to go between its two main buildings located more than 2 kilometres from each another.

The idea originated from a staff member because OHCHR employees are frequently moving between offices. While there is already a shuttle service in place for mail distribution and staff commuting, unlike bicycles, the shuttle adheres to a strict time table. Bikes provide a perfect alternative for last minute meetings and are environmentally friendly, readily available, and free of cost.

According to OHCHR senior officer, Kyle Ward, “Many sceptics raised their voices prior to the bicycles being installed, but after three months of operation, the scheme has been largely trouble and hassle free.”

The bicycles were initially installed in May 2010 and then replaced with personalized OHCHR bikes six months later. The current scheme will run for one year and will then be evaluated. Ward says he hopes that this plan will continue and that other organizations in Geneva may be inspired by this initiative.

12 November 2011